sexta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2014


Lost (Kayıp)

The clouds have been painted pathetic black

These coy rains are crying for the two of us

My hope has diminished, time is going on

Separation is the master, we, the lovers, are its slaves

Your hands got pale in my palms

It was a wounded timid bird

It fluttered and flew because of an ended love

I wish I could say "May your way be open/Goodbye"

But my throat is knotted, my words are lost

I won't love anyone else again throughout my life

Because my heart is lost in this body

The angels will come down from white heavens

Their prayers, their wishes; they will protect you

But I will be scattered every day with your yearning

In the faraway lands of this love

We are an incompleted story from now on

We are walking on separate paths

That's life...

Like a vagrant wind, you blew to the faraway places

I will live with a wilted rose in my heart for years

If that's living!

Sleeping at separate nights,

We will wake up in separate mornings from now on

Thinking that the faults are love,

We will be consoled with different skins in vain

And we will be injured secretly

Keep in mind that

I will keep the best place for your memory

In my messed up heart garden,

With strings of melancholies in my hair,

With diminishing suns in my eyes,

I will always wait for you in this city

In order that you may come back some day

Take care of yourself, you beloved!

Take care of yourself, you the most loved!

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